HVAC & Duct Cleaning Costs and Prices

  • Straight Forward Pricing Policy - No Hidden Fees of any Type
  • Standardized and Affordable We Don't Have Packages or Levels of Cleaning!!

Residential Duct Cleaning Price
Based on House Area and Number Of Vents

  • Less than 3000 square footage is $249
  • More than 3000 & less than 4000 is $325
  • More than 4000 square footage is $425

- The price includes first 10 vents then each additional vent at $5
- For homes with multiple furnace systems or crawl space (attic) additional charge of $99 applies.
- Time required is 2-4 hours

Included in price:
Free of charge complete air balance for the house ($75 value)
Free of charge sanitizing and deodorizing for the ducts ($50 value)

Available Offers:
on Furnace cleaning and dryer vent cleaning and central vac. cleaning
- Only when included with duct cleaning,
“ While we are already at your house “

Dryer Vent Cleaning Price
Based on the location of the Vent

  • At the basement is $149
  • At the first floor is $199

- If the dryer vent exhausts through the roof we won't be able to clean it.
- Time required is one hour

Included in price:
Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct and cleaning of the lint screen and the dryer filter & enhance air flow

Available Offer:
50% off when included with duct cleaning

Furnace Cleaning
Price is $149

Included in price:
Full cleaning of all burners, also cleaning of blower and ventor motor.
Free of charge sanitizing and deodorizing ($20 value)
- Time required is one hour

Available Offer:
50% off when included with duct cleaning or ac coil cleaning

AC Coil Cleaning
Price is $149

Included in price:
Full cleaning of the ac coil and removing all dust and debris that causes decrease in air flow Free of charge sanitizing and deodorizing ($20 value)
Time required is one hour

Available Offer:
50% off when included with duct cleaning or furnace cleaning

Central Vacuum Cleaning
Price is $149

Included in price:
Clean your filter & empty out the canister & cleaning all blockages from the clogged lines closer to vacuum if had any to enhance air flow.
- Time required is one hour

Available Offer:
50% off when included with duct cleaning

Sanitizing, Deodorizing, Disinfecting
 & Mold Treatment

Free with all our Services, Until Now !!
Using a botanical disinfectant solution that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria and provides the best mold treatment
- Time required Varies

Heating & Cooling & Air Conditioning
Price Varies

HVAC Services:

  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Furnace Installation
  • Tankless Water Heater Installation
  • Water Heater Installation

- Time required Varies

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Our Duct Cleaning Guarantee:

 Three Months Satisfaction Guarantee in Normal living Conditions as No Renovation
*Only when furnace cleaning is included.

Our Company Warranty:

  1. We show home owners with a live video camera before and after the work performed
  2. Our tech takes pics as he performs the service and will email to home owner once work is completed.
  3. Stratification is 100% guaranteed
  4. We Servicing the community on personal basis as a part of the community we live and work.
  5. We eager to keep you as a customer for years to come not only for that day of service.
  6. We have good work man ship and pride over our work so we don't cut corners.
  7. We seek to keep your indoor air clean and comfortable with a lot of options and solutions.
For more info, Call us today 1-647-291-1646 - We direct most of the calls to the technicians that will be performing the services.