COVID-19 Announcement

Protecting the Health of our Clients & Staff is Taken Very Seriously:

   * Our Technicians will wear disposable mask, gloves and booties & Maintain a social distance.

   * Once the service is done the technician will Disinfect all vents and vacuum around the service area.

   * We Completely Disinfect Whole Ductwork Tools & Equipment before getting to your house.


Protect Yourself & the Community from Getting & Spreading Respiratory illnesses as Coronavirus COVID 19 Canada.

   * Personal Hygiene, Indoor Air Cleaning & Disinfecting all high-touch surfaces also with the use of a Whole House Air Purification System Can Control the Wide Spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.

   * Good HVAC Air Filtration System & Furnace Air Purifiers should be combined with the Personal Hygiene & Cleanliness to ensure best protection from Coronavirus COVID 19 & most other types of Germs & Viruses.

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